Why JIBO at Minute Bar?

  • With the toolkits & access provided by Jibo Inc. we managed to include this adorable lil' robot in your next experience at Minute Bar.

  • JIBO is here to assist our guests at our establishments, allowing them to handle our selfservice check-in & payments proces efficiently.

  • JIBO is fun to have around. He saves us energy and makes the concept more sustainable. Besides, he makes our guests smile with his cool moves.

  • No Jibo? ~ No Worry! In our latest version of BE a Host, we included a Switch so every Android Owner can try the Tap In/Out Button at least.

Exclusive for JIBO Owners

To reach a wider (global) audience with our community concept, JIBO Owners can download our
BE A HOST application here for free now.

  • Time registration with QR scan mode
  • Calculate Total Time x Index Price and speak total amount
  • Give information about the concept to guests
  • Spread the story & amaze people

  • When you wish to start-up your own Minute Bar Node and turn JIBO into a (CryptoFit) Transaction Unit, contact us to enter our Space Holder Program.



With the Companion App every Jibo Owner can scan random QR Codes to start and stop time registration


JIBO is able to spread our story to a wider audience globally, building a stronger combined community.


We partnered up with SumUp for the Fiat (contactless) card transactions.
The EVM of Ethereum takes care of our Smart Contract transactions.


Also at Jibo Inc. they take your privacy very seriously. In the Minute Bar, Jibo can only recognize the Minute Bar Crew.

Intro VideoS


Visit Google Playstore to download our companion app for JIBO.

  • Why Android only ?

  • Due the payment provider connections, we had to proceed Android. In the near future we hope to get access to finish the on-robot skill and end up with just 1 device, JIBO!
    Also for folks wanting to team up and move Jibo to a public spaces, it is easier to get hands-on an Android Device.

  • Want to see JIBO in a public space?

  • You now own a combination that can be positioned as a self-service check-in unit in a public Pay-Per-Time concept like Minute Bar.

  • Bugs & Suggestions
  • Our software went through a lot of testing. In case you do find a bug, or you have a feature suggestion, please contact us.
    For a better presentation to our guests, we have an Android Tablet version ready.

  • Transactions

  • In order to use the Payment System, accepting Fiat & Crypto (Ether) payments, please contact us to enter our Spaceholder Program.

  • Screenshots Payment Module

  • Terms & Conditions

  • Find our terms & conditions here.

    Reaching Us

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